What do you know, really?

Sure. Having enough talent to act, direct, or write a screenplay is one set of skills. But navigating both the main streets and back alleys of Hollywood cannot be done with GPS. Ride shotgun with screenwriting and producing veteran Doug Richardson as he skillfully – yet so amusingly – lives, dies, survives, and thrives in the entertainment trenches.

The Smoking Gun is more than a collection of true Hollywood stories, box office success and jaw-dropping failures. It’s a guided tour behind the curtain of an industry that is equal parts bright lights, backstabbing, and double-dealing. Buckle up, step into your steel jockstrap, and get ready to do battle in the carnival funhouse otherwise known as showbiz.


“A compulsively readable collection of true tales by a sane and grounded screenwriter weathering the rough waters of crazy Tinseltown.”

Lexi Alexander, director: Green Street Hooligans, The Punisher: War Zone

“Doug Richardson is a terrific screenwriter, but he may be even better at writing about the screenwriter’s life.  Anyone interested in a peek behind the curtain of our masochistic art form must buy this book.  You will learn about the crazy entertainment business while being wildly entertained.”

Amy Holden Jones, writer-producer-director: Indecent Proposal, Black Box

“Doug Richardson has more insight into screenwriting and what it takes to be successful than YOU do—and he’s entertaining as hell. Buy his book and you will get a masterclass in Hollywood…from a top writer’s perspective.”
Lucas Foster, producer: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Man on Fire

“Doug Richardson is a rare Hollywood A-lister—supremely talented, knows how to navigate the system with aplomb, and yet isn’t afraid of calling people out on their BS, no matter how powerful (they think) they are. His stories are not only brilliantly funny, but as someone who has witnessed some of them first hand, they are 1000% true. No kidding.”

Alex Young, former Production president of Twentieth Century Fox and producer:Unstoppable, The A-Team 
“Doug Richardson writes what we think better than we think it.  Constantly surprising, Doug knows how to amuse and abuse. Few writers make you turn the page quicker.”
Hal Lieberman, former president of Universal Pictures and producer: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Bridge to Terabithia